Jet Ski Boat

Whole length: 6,4 m
Whole width: 2,85 m
Height: 1,2 m
Net weight: 400 kg
Maximum people onboard: 8
Maximum cargo capacity: 1500 kg
Material:  FRP + PVC
Air chambers. diameter: 500 mm
Number of air chambers: 6
The hull is made of: FRP
Hull Type: V
Deardrise V prow / transom: 55o – 24o 
CE: C category
Written guarantee: 12 years for the hull and 4 years for the air chambers
 Priced at: 8.880 €


Starting at the prow, we see the polyester pulpit with Teflon roll in stainless shaft, and  bollard  inox  and a small door for the anchor with enough depth on the pulpit’s sides. There is an addition reinforcement by elastomer material welded  on  the fender to avoid early decay. The bow side  seats are oval shaped with large one piece pillows and internal openings  to store long objects, such as fishing rods, spearguns, fins, life-preservers etc. The two side  seats, right and left towards the JetSki’s parking space  bear stainless roll bars with foamy protective cover for the bedheads of the passengers. These can be detachable.
The JetSki’s parking and adjustment  area has on the ground elastomer stripes of the right shape to avoid water influx in the area during the boat’s moving. The JetSki’s stern and side are stabilized in plastic sockets installed on the boat,  that don’t allow its movement. On the JetSki’s parking lot, there are two large stainless  handles, on the side. On the side stern abacus’ there are straps with mechanism and tensioner to roll for the additional securing of the JetSki to the boat. Also, there are two  air-tight hatches on the gunwale’s sides towards the stern, that   the automated bilge pump and the place for inner eye sonar can be placed. The boat has 6 meters of fenders, 3 m. on each side, to make sure the unsinkable. The fender is placed sliding on the boats sides making easy a future replacement or repair. It has 8 rubber handles in the whole length and 10 strap handles on the bow post (5 on each side). Also, in all fender’s length there is a rope bearer. .
The hull of the Elan 640 is type  V , Deadrise V bow / transom 55° – 24° and has bilge keels that run through its 2/3.
•  Pillow tapestry •  (10) strap handles
•  Bollards INOX (4) •  (8) rubber handles
• Polyester pulpit    •   Double precaution lane perimeter
• Sliding placed fender •  Single seats
• Bow / Stern / Floor hatches • (5) pressure and reoease valves
• Polyester stern platforms • Stainless screws with security nuts on the whole boat
• Polyester enhancement of the hull longtitudinal and transverse • Pulpit roll made of teflon on an inox shaft
• Jetski bollards (2) • Bow seats (2)
• Storing life-preservers space • Auto-drain deck
• Roll Bar Inox seats with headrest • Gutters on the hull communicating with each other
• handles inox (2) • Peripheral bilge keel
• Certificates of all raw and auxiliary materials
•  Auxiliary base •  Navigation lights
•  Sun tent •  Swim ladder
•  Winter cover •  Fishing rod sockets