What are the colors of the produced cubes?

The usual color for the cubes is the light gray. We usually prefer light colors, because they reflect the UV radiation, instead of absorbing it. However, other colors are available such as blue, white, orange, brown or other color if requested

Is the surface slippery?

The surface has nonskid structure. The anti-slip surface makes the pontoon safe for walking even when the floor is wet.

Can I install the dock by myself?

The assembling procedure is simple and we provide you the necessary information for the installation. It is possible for one person to assemble it, the presence of 2 people for the assembly is the best possible solution.

We also offer installation services if it is asked.

If you choose to install it by yourselves, you will have to provide us with a photograph after completion, in order to activate your warranty.

How is the offered pontoon in comparison with alternative pontoons made of wood, iron, aluminum and floats?

Due to the fact that the pontoon is modular – the modular pontoon moves with the waves providing comparatively high strength and tolerance advantages in weather conditions, unlike composite structures such as aluminum, iron and wood. The pontoons made of wood, iron and aluminum are suggested for installing in areas with mild waving such as ports and lakes.

They will not rot or rust over time. The product has a lifespan of 15 to 20 years. The product is made of polyethylene plastic which also reduces the cost of maintenance and repair. Installing it yourself reduces the cost even more. Due to its low weight, this pontoon is very easy to be transferred in comparison with pontoons made of wood, aluminum and floats. The buying cost of the pontoon varies at 230 € per square meter compared to 350 € and more for other type structures.


Floating platform HYDROFLOAT compared with other rigid structures


Disadvantages other structures of floating platforms in relation to the transfer, assembly and installation

What is the products’ warranty and their lifespan?

We offer a 4 years warranty on products. The product’s lifespan is 15 to 20 years. Learn more about our warranty

Is it possible to leave the pontoon in the water during winter?

The pontoon can remain in water during winter time if there is no movement or ice. In any case, it is easier to disassemble and reinstall from a traditional dock which is difficult to be removed

What kind of waves can the platform withstand?

The modular system of cubes, allows the pontoon to move easily with the waves, instead of resisting them. It is recommended to install the pontoon in an area where the waves are smaller than 0.8 m. In several cases, the system is recorded to withstand extreme weather conditions. If you want to install the pontoons in areas with waves larger than 0.8 m., please contact us to see how the warranty applies in such cases and conditions.


Project in Chios

Advantages of HYDROFLOAT platform with modular structure

Is licensing needed for installing a floating pontoon?

In the majority of cases a licence will be needed.

In general, their installation is allowed up to 150 sq.m. by private individuals or professionals. It can’t be used or installed by restaurants or leisure centers.

The licencing application must be submitted in the local port authorities. An installation study by a Naval Architect with indicative cost of 800 € depending the size of the installation is required.

What kind of conditions can the pontoons withstand?

Due to their modular construction, the pontoons can withstand in severe storms and winds, even cyclonic phenomena

What is happening with the developing algae on the surface platform when in contact with the water?

This will not affect the overall buoyancy of the pontoon in any way, shape or form and can be easily cleaned

Can the pontoons be transferred in the water?

Yes, they can be transferred in water as a complete system or in parts. You can pull the platform in a different location with a small boat.

What is the delivery time of the floating pontoon after ordering?

Delivery time is 20 days.

What is the minimum width of a stable pontoon for walking?

The cubes can be used as a floating pontoon, passage and dock. In order to be stable while walking, the pontoon must be at least three to four cubes in width 1.5 – 2 m. The anti-slip surface makes the pontoon safe to walk even when the floor is wet.